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​Dipenda album: Genesis


The "Dipenda" album keeps the commitment of words from the original musical creation for the play "A Season in the Congo" by Aimee Cesaire.


Those Marc Zinga, Belgian artist from the Congo, who lends his voice to the project, and those course Aimee Cesaire who pays tribute album. 

The music itself, like "pollen fire" offers a subtle range between light and rich harmonies and both African and Cuban rhythms just waiting to ignite.

The extreme proximity of these rhythms reminds us of their historical relationship.


Fabrice Devienne, such a stage director, did it effectively. We travel in Europe, Africa and Cuba in the space of this magic triangle elaborated by the pianist.

Dipenda invites us to travel, over oceans and continents, but also at the heart of each song.



Thus, "Mti Umeoza" gives us the velvety vocals of a female voice, doubled in places by lyrical cello, opening the exchange to jazz piano improvisations.

Furthermore, where the flute doubles the Rhodes rise mixed reminiscences of Ultramarine or Fal Frett. 

Yet it's in "The song of Pauline" we can feel better the dramaturgical treatment of musical time. Helped by a string quartet of great finesse, Devienne here reminds us all his work on film music. "Vienna rainy season" does not derogate from this construction.


The choirs of women sound like a prayer in the middle of expectation filled with hope.

Finally comes the issuance of notes under the beneficent rain of a piano that seems to also regain his freedom.


If "Dipenda" is an album that stays true to the power of words and the commitment of Césaire, it also makes a wonderful tribute, by the accuracy of his music, the great poet that was the man.

DIPENDA // 2014 


"A remarkable work that combines jazz and African chants, Cuban music on texts of Martinican poet. Two artistic universe and a similar story ..." 

Jean-Marc Thibaudier (La 1ère)


"An emotional Album, colorful and jubilant"
Olivier Daudé (France Bleu)

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